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If any patient suffers from renal failure and on - going blood treatment, Farmasol high quality products are available for you!

This delicate process is delicate, as the blood has to be purified and the cost must be affordable!

Every day, worldwide, our high quality products are used in Clinics and Hospitals in conjunction with the latest available technology to make life easier for dialysis patients.
To Farmasol, every patient counts and is important to us!

We contribute to the patient’s well-being by always investing in research in development of new products, technology, improving production and offering Farmasol high-quality standards products.

Farmasol philosophy is to increase the number of healthy patients all the time!

Quality and Safety
Farmasol is one of the most successful manufacturers of hemodialysis disposable and OEM products worldwide!

We support medical care all over the world with a wide range of high quality hemodialysis products and services. 

As part of international production structure, we have the biggest and the most modern production site in 3 large manufacturing plants which maintains consistently high standards and really exceed the most demanding quality in production and delivery on time.

Farmasol has adapted ultramodern technologies used in Europe’s for high volume automated production plant for hemodialysis solutions and consumables. With every product Farmasol affirms high quality, safety and cost effectiveness for our customers and patients!

We recognize the reliability and performance of our products make a great difference in the quality of our patient’s lives.

Our company is managed by an uncompromising dedication to high production quality and following full compliance with governmental agencies and international guidelines. These standards include testing, safety, measuring effectiveness and product reliability, manufacturing process, proper labeling and timely distribution of our product that contribute to Farmasol success in keeping a first class quality management system.

It is Farmasol’s policy to comply with all local and international laws and regulations pertaining to All products that we develop, manufacture, distribute and sell WORLDWIDE!

Farmasol periodically evaluates and reviews its quality management system and follows continuous improvement to promote product and service quality.

As part of our commitment to keep high production standards, our employees and management personal are always kept under rigorous control.

While many companies do not require to have a ‘Clean Room Concept’ in production, at Farmasol this is our gold standard!

Even Hemodialysis solutions are being produced in extremely sterile areas.
Our arterial venous sets and Fistula needle with brand name DIARRANEEDLE are being produced also in "class 10000 clean rooms" which take place inside our production site.

All materials in production and filling stations are made of AISI 316 L quality stainless steel to comply with European and International manufacturing standards.

Recognizing the critical importance of an extensive water purification system Farmasol developed strategies with top experts like the worldwide giant company DWA thus ensuring high quality water center-specific item in our solutions.

We are aware of the fact that highly automated technology systems themselves are not enough to keep the top-level quality in production. After being tested and approved in our laboratory equipped with latest technological testing systems, all our products undergo a throughout final Optical Inspection, as this would be expected from a reliable healthcare supplier manufacturing company.

Only after this final Optical Inspection our products are ready for delivery.

Thanks to the skill and superior performance of our personnel, using our best efforts, we are able to determine minimal deviations from our standards and identify corrective actions before delivering our production.

As an OEM Hemodialysis Product Manufacturing Supplier we must meet specific customer requirements and demands, in addition to implementing modern technology and firm quality standards, we only use high quality raw material and highly trained skillful personnel in production!

Our products are processed under standardized methods in order to maintain high level quality and they are constantly controlled and analyzed at our laboratory.

At every step of the production process, we keep focus on delivering better patient care products.

The Farmasol Mission
Farmasol is passionately committed to helping people worldwide, from newborns to aging adults, by providing easy access to safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care hemodialysis products. We firmly believe we can help create better living conditions for our patients by delivering top and affordable products.

Farmasol is leading company by listening and cooperating with doctors, employers and patients, while bringing higher quality, safe and cost-effective products.

Our Values
Farmasol values of commitment to hemodialysis patient care form our thoughts and we always evaluate and improve new actions that lead us to produce and creating new products.  Our focus on patient’s care keeps us on a journey of excellence all the time.

Farmasol Reality
Farmasol is a focused company developing and commercializing Hemodialysis products of highest quality to improve patients’ health.

We offer a significant business advantages: We know Hemodialysis!

In our board of directors we have leading opinion and renal specialist that guide the production of our products. We have established a proven expertise in the Dialysis arena, and we believe we can have a  greater impact on patient’s life by offering high quality and affordable products.

We are proud that since 2004, millions of people have received and get the benefit of using and having Farmasol products in their health care and on-going treatments!
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